We are a small travel organization offering nature trips, hikes and cultural circuits in Transylvania, Romania and Hungary. We are enthusiastic about the Carpathians and we want to promote them places as a travel destination.
Our priority is Nature, we organize easy and medium walks in fantastic natural landscapes in the Carpathian mountains. Not only do we travel, but we also live and experience the nature: we descend into caves, visit waterfalls, organize rafting, canyoning, ski-trips, bike trips and much much more. We do small scale travel, our groups are between the 10-20 people, allowing them a greater mobility. Our programmes are flexible and we always take care so that you have a great time in discovering these places. Our walks are easy to medium, every person with an average physical condition can take part, there is no age limit, detailed information you can find under the description of every trip.
We organize our trips so that we can observe the year-round changes of nature: in april we go to see the immense crocus fields, in june we admire the flowering Rhododendrons, the first snows of the fall or the autumn foliage and so on.
We try to present the cultural elements of the region on the highest possible level: the city walks are led by trained and professional local guides, who know best the places. Through us you can discover the hidden sights and secrets, items of an old peasant cultures, local curiosities.
Accommodation is also an experience with us; we try to avoid the big, uniform hotels, instead we seek out the little, cosy pensions, which are characteristic to the region, and which offer the real Romanian hospitality. There is a network of rural accommodation, in some villages you will find the real old ways and traditions, local gastronomy, folklore etc.   You can have the chance of meeting the local people, talking to them, see how they live. With special occasions, if the program so requires, we also spend the nights in huts, tents or other alternative places of accommodation, about which you will be fully  informed beforehand.
We are looking forward to meeting you and greeting you as a friend!